Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Azure Cloud services offer a powerful and flexible cloud platform. Security and compliance are second to none. Scaling is fast and easy. The TCO is much lower than on-premises deployments. Azure also lets you gain access to a global infrastructure that makes it simple to comply with local regulations and put performance where your users are.

Azure Cloud Benefits

Choosing Microsoft cloud applications makes it possible for IT to introduce business-enhancing capabilities in less time and at a lower cost. The benefits of choosing Azure Cloud include:

There When You Need It

Get close to 100% SLA with Microsoft Azure Cloud so you’re able to deploy reliable applications without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Globalize Your Applications with Ease

Deploy your applications around the world with Microsoft’s global network of data centers. You can effortlessly adjust your applications and usage to meet your needs.

Have More Trust in the Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions provide comprehensive compliance coverage and have been recognized as the most trusted cloud for US and Canadian government institutions.

Speed Up Your Time to Market

Rapidly develop, deploy, and manage your applications using the tools and open-source technologies you already rely on.

Elate Technologyail Tailors IP Solutions with Microsoft Azure Cloud

Elate Technologyail sets itself apart with our tech-enabled IP tailored solutions that are scalable and flexible to your needs, along with being a Microsoft Partner. We deliver full Microsoft Azure cloud capabilities personalized for your use cases while taking advantage of this platform’s lower costs, increased reliability, and business efficiency gains.

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Our Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Include

   Azure Migrations: Leverage Elate Technologyail’s experience to move your applications or entire data center into the Azure cloud.

   Oracle Database & Applications on Microsoft Azure: Cloud migrations are intricate and complex projects that require expertise in order to ensure a successful and smooth migration for Oracle applications.

   Azure Data Lake Roadmap & Implementation Services:Modernize your business intelligence (BI) and data analytics with Azure for an end-to-end solution that’s accessible, massively scalable, governed, and secure.

   Azure Synapse Analytics Consulting Services: Enhance your organization’s data assets with a limitless analytics service that consolidates your enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics into one seamless cloud service.

   Azure SQL Database: Bring your SQL databases into the cloud with Azure’s fully-managed database environment.

   Azure Database for MySQL: Azure Database for MySQL combines the familiarity of MySQL with a fully-managed cloud infrastructure.

   Azure Database for PostgreSQL: Microsoft Azure offers several powerful solutions for running PostgreSQL on its cloud platform, but getting the best performance, cost-efficiency, and availability out of them requires deep expertise.

   Microsoft Azure Logic Apps Consulting:Data-reliant companies are learning the value and utility of Elate Technologyail’s expertise when migrating to Microsoft’s low-code Logic Apps.

   Azure SQL Managed Instance Support and Services: Get the most out of your SQL Server databases on Azure.

   SQL Server on Azure VM Managed Support: Get the most out of your SQL Server databases on Azure.

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Are You Ready to Migrate to Microsoft Azure Cloud?

We’ll make sure you have the infrastructure, servers, and client requirements to make the move. Let us worry about database administration, server configuration, and all the other tricky details. The combination of a proven delivery model and top-notch application experience makes Elate Technologyail the right choice to move you to the cloud on your terms.

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