What is OAC?

If your organization is typical of many today, your analysts are analyzing data through various means, such as Excel spreadsheets, business intelligence applications, and even traditional methods like pencil and paper. Elate Technology's team of analytics experts is here to assist you in implementing and maintaining the precise platform you require: Oracle Analytics Cloud service (OAC).

Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) stands as a secure, flexible, and scalable service within the public cloud, offering a robust array of features and functionalities. This empowers organizations, departments, teams, and individuals to engage in collaborative analytics seamlessly.

OAC also presents adaptable service management capabilities, including effortless setup, scalability, patching, and automated lifecycle management.

The OAC platform encompasses multiple cloud service applications to ensure the effectiveness of your analytics.

Oracle Analytics Cloud Features:

   Self-service visualization

   Self-learning mobile analytics

   Dynamic modeling

   Data preparation

   Enterprise reporting

   Advanced analytics

Oracle Analytics Cloud Standard Edition Components:

   Data Visualization Cloud (DVCS)

   Data Visualization Desktop

   Oracle SmartView

   Oracle Essbase Cloud (EssCS)

   Oracle Essbase Enterprise (Enterprise Edition)

   Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS) (Enterprise Edition)

   Oracle Day by Day (Enterprise Edition)

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The Benefits of the OAC Application

Oracle Analytics Cloud is a one-stop shop for strategic data analysis, combining a user-friendly interface with the speed and performance that your business requires.

Some OAC advantages include:

   A unified, centralized hub for data analytics

   Dozens of data connectors for both Oracle and non-Oracle sources

   Smart, proactive analytics capabilities that show you the insights you want to see

   Automatic visualization of all of your data

   Easy, self-service data loading and blending

   One-click advanced analytics

Our services include:

   Cloud migration

   24×7 managed services with flexible support



   Health checks

   Enterprise advisory services


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As an Oracle Partner with 17 specializations, and as an Oracle Cloud Excellence Implementer, Elate Technology knows what organizations want and need out of their Oracle deployments. We work with customers of all sizes, industries, and stages of Oracle adoption.Each customer is unique, and we carefully assess your situation, pain points, and KPIs to come up with the solution that’s right for you. What’s more, your relationship with us doesn’t have to end once we’ve successfully installed OAC.

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