In the current economic landscape, effectively identifying areas to reduce costs on less mission-critical items and reallocating these expenses toward more strategic business growth needs can face significant challenges when relying on manual spreadsheet management.

Opting for a robust, automated enterprise-wide performance management strategy stands out as a strategic move for CEOs aiming to propel company growth and enhance shareholder value significantly.

Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management Cloud emerges as the optimal solution to address this challenge, integrating cutting-edge applications with cloud-based delivery to empower organizations to realize their utmost business potential. For Finance executives currently overwhelmed by spreadsheets or constrained by legacy applications, a performance management solution hosted in the cloud provides a seamless entry point, reduces IT resource demands, and expedites the time to achieve tangible value.

The Unique Aspect of Elate Technology

Elate Technology achieves the implementation of your EPM cloud service requirements utilizing a well-established delivery model, industry-leading expertise, and our proprietary technology-driven IP toolbox. In our EPM practice, you can be confident that a dedicated Oracle EPM expert based in the U.S. leads your cloud implementation, ensuring you receive top-tier services.

   Strategize, construct, evaluate, and deploy cloud solutions

   A customized and adaptable resolution tailored to your unique requirements

   Conduct EPM evaluations, facilitate cloud transitions, offer hybrid cloud options, and on-premise solutions

   Ensuring the secure and dependable management of your EPM Cloud environment

   Round-the-clock troubleshooting for your EPM Cloud environment

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Oracle EPM Support Services Include:



   Planning and Budgeting Cloud

   Enterprise Performance Reporting Cloud

   Account Reconciliation Cloud

   Financial Consolidation & Close Cloud

   Profitability & Cost Management Cloud

   Tax Reporting Cloud

   Essbase Cloud

Leveraging Oracle EPM Cloud alongside Elate Technology's services and applications empowers organizations with the most robust and comprehensive EPM solution currently accessible in the market. Clients can anticipate a decrease in overhead costs, enhanced operational efficiencies, and the ability to reallocate their IT resources to focus on more strategic growth initiatives.

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Elate Technology, as an Oracle Partner and Cloud Excellence Implementer, possesses 17 specializations, offering comprehensive ERP and Business Intelligence solutions throughout the entire life cycle. Our expertise extends to aiding organizations in streamlining and modernizing fundamental business processes through Cloud Applications (ERP, HCM, SCM, EPM, and CX), Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and the Business Intelligence platform. Emphasizing a holistic delivery approach, including proprietary enhancement products and tools, we concentrate on project consulting, support, development, and training services.

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