Easily Meet MongoDB Challenges

MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas cloud solutions from Elate Technology address the challenges you must overcome to maintain MongoDB performance. Some MongoDB installations experience increased downtime and availability issues. In addition, hiring experienced MongoDB DBAs and providing 24×7 support coverage can be costly and complex endeavors.

Elate Technology has been developing custom MongoDB solutions for over eight years and monitor over 100 MongoDB databases. On average, our services help clients improve database storage space by 80 percent.

Leading MongoDB Database Capabilities

When you partner with Elate Technology, you can ensure that your clusters, sharding, and replication are covered and working brilliantly in your new installation. In addition, you can expose your internal DBAs to best practices for implementing and maintaining the database. Elate Technology’s services lead the industry and include:

   24×7 managed services

   Flexible support

   Cloud and on-premise upgrades and migrations

   Health checks


   Database environment refreshes

   Performance tuning and maintenance

   Ops Manager


   Backup and disaster recovery

   User support and training

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MongoDB Enterprise Certified DBA Services

MongoDB isn’t a traditional database. Your best implementation approach is to partner with existing MongoDB experts. That’s where Elate Technology can help.

Already on MongoDB and ready to upgrade or move to Atlas? As a MongoDB Premier Partner, we’re positioned to complete your upgrade or migration with minimal interruption to your day-to-day business.

   Installation and configuration

   Schema design and data modelling

   Performance and maintenance

   Ops manager installation and configuration


   Atlas migrations

   24×7 monitoring

   Replica set




   Custom scripts

   Training and user support



Upgrade MongoDB

Elate Technology partners with clients to ensure a smooth upgrade to the latest version.Our process includes:

1.   Running a health check – this ensures the client’s systems are prepared

2.   Strategic planning – preparation assures the upgrade is completed with minimal disruption to the business

3.   Upgrading application drivers – ensure compatibility with the desired version of MongoDB

4.   Features enablement – we consult with the client to ensure they are getting the features they desire

5.   Verifying compatibilities – between MongoDB and other applications and hardware

6.   Performing the upgrade

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Upgrade MongoDB

Cloud offers many benefits to business of all sizes, but here are the reasons our clients choose Atlas:

   Built-in automation

   Easier scalability

   Robust security

   Tracking and monitoring

   Technical support

   Complementary tools

   Versatility and zero lock-in

Our team will help you evaluate the benefits of migrating and work with you to build a migration strategy with the following steps:

1. Discuss the benefits of migrating vs. upgrading

2. Determine the needed cluster sizes

3. Identify the right backup method

4. Decide on the best option to execute the migration

5. Execute the migration

6. Post-migration troubleshooting

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Work with a Trusted Partner

As a recognized leader in on-premise, cloud and hybrid implementations and migrations, our certified MongoDB DBAs can keep your systems current and running smoothly. In addition, we’ll help you to get more done when you can reassign critical internal resources to other projects.

If you want to achieve a smooth implementation and high-performance operation for your MongoDB environment, fill out the form at the top of the page and one of our expert DBAs will be in contact with you.

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