SharePoint Experts Can Accelerate Your Modernization Timeline

SharePoint is basically a content management system used by organizations to create websites. It is used as a secure place to share, access, store and organize files and information from different devices including desktop computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets.

SharePoint Services Include:

Workflow & Business Process Design

Our user-centric approach to designing and road mapping services ensures we don’t just help you automate business processes, but we also enhance user experience (UX) and adoption.

Cloud Migration & Legacy Application Modernization

We can migrate and modernize your document management system and SharePoint platform. Additionally, as experts in cloud migrations, we will help you take full advantage of all the benefits the cloud can offer.

Results-Oriented Application Development

Because of the flexibility of the SharePoint platform, our custom applications can help generate measurable value for your company. Whether you are looking to boost performance or build an entirely new process, we can help you meet your business goals with SharePoint.


Combining the power of SharePoint as a business process platform and Power BI as an analytics powerhouse, we can help take your SharePoint applications to the next level with custom dashboards and visualizations that give you the ability to make informed decisions in real-time.

SharePoint Consulting

Our experts have been working with SharePoint since 2007, and our portfolio includes more than 300 successful client projects. We are focused on ensuring your organization is maximizing your investments, empowering your people, streamlining your processes, and building agility for your future. If you are not sure where to start with SharePoint, our consultants can help.

Partner with SharePoint Experts for Legacy Application Modernization

Our cohesive team of end-to-end SharePoint development experts can help you take full advantage of your investment in SharePoint.:

   Planning & Architecture: This is part of every project we do – we thoroughly review your current state, understand your desired state and plan a path to success.

   Development Process: We use an agile methodology to development which helps us adapt to your needs and take into account user feedback as we build your solution. We work with you to fill and prioritize your backlog, automate QA for consistency and speed, and ensure your solution works

   Maintenance & Continuous Improvement

   We offer complete application monitoring and support, backlog grooming, as well as enhancements and Hotfixes. Once your application is running in steady state, we partner with you to provide high availability, ease of access, and continual improvements based on user feedback and analytics so your solution evolves with and adapts to your changing business.

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Why Elate Technologies for SharePoint Consulting and Development

Not just an out-of-the-box tool, we help utilize SharePoint as the foundation for stand-alone applications that address specific business needs. We can help you automate business processes, create management systems and design portals for your employees, partners, and customers.

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