Domain Expertise & Proficiency in EBS Technical Operations

Our goal is to enhance operational efficiency, ensuring adaptability and flexibility to meet the dynamic demands of the market. For many of our clients, achieving this involves upgrading to the latest version of R12. Whether your organization requires assistance in evaluating and prioritizing the adoption of new features or is seeking a partner to oversee the implementation process, Elate Technology offers a range of proven services customized to meet your business needs. These services are designed to align with your growth strategies and objectives.

We possess practical experience in implementing, upgrading, and optimizing Oracle's E-Business Suite, which includes a comprehensive set of enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply-chain management (SCM) applications.

Elate Technology’s Approach to Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

In order to surpass competitors and remain competitive in the global market, organizations are swiftly striving to stay abreast of the latest trends and ensure they are optimizing their investments by unlocking features and functionalities within Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS). Elate Technology is a specialized provider offering a high-performance approach, methodology, tools, and techniques for organizations venturing into EBS implementation, reimplementation, migration, and upgrades.

Enhanced Flexibility

Configure business requirements instead of customizing them, reducing dependence on IT and facilitating seamless adaptation to changes in the business environment.

Accelerated Innovation

Benefit from automatic updates to keep pace with rapid changes in technology, freeing up IT resources for other strategic initiatives.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Access the latest innovations to stay competitive and attract top talent, incorporating adaptive intelligence, machine learning, a digital assistant, and blockchain directly into your solution.

Additional Features

Advance HR capabilities with predictive analytics, advanced recruiting, comprehensive workforce management, talent review, and context-aware learning.

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What obstacles are you currently facing in your applications?

Some of the essential requirements our clients have tasked our team to fulfill include:

   Adding OIM/OAIM

   Security initiatives to add encryption at rest to protect PII/PHI

   Extract data from EBS to put in data warehouse

   Change replication process to improve RTO/RPO

   Optimize/reduce batch cycle times

   Increasing uptime/reducing downtime

   Integrating applications

   24×7 monitoring and response – incidents/service requests

   Reductions in support costs

   DBMS and/or EBS tech stack upgrades

Oracle E-Business Suite Journey: Sustained Innovation with EBS 12.2

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