Making Corporate Data Easier To Access With Oracle Business Intelligence

Your organization doesn’t have the time to properly implement a comprehensive enterprise analytics strategy or solution. By leveraging custom OBIEE and out-of-the-box Oracle BI Applications, Elate Technology’s expert Oracle consultants can ensure your analytics strategy is not only implemented properly, but will succeed, regardless of current stage.
Our expertise can help you deliver on Oracle’s promise of the most robust reporting, ad-hoc query and analysis, OLAP, dashboard, and scorecard functionality with a rich end-user experience that includes data discovery, self-service, visualizations, collaboration, alerts, and more.

What Is Oracle BI Applications (OBIA)?

Oracle Business Intelligence Applications or OBIA is a complete, prebuilt BI solution that is constructed on the Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition (OBIEE). It consists of applications such as Oracle Financial Analytics, HR Analytics, and Marketing Analytics.

Pre-packaged solutions

For enterprise analytics comprised of a conformed data warehouse, transformation ETL logic, and dashboard and report content.

Applications based on business area

Modules and verticals, for example: Finance, HR, Procurement, Supply Chain, and projects. Transportation, healthcare, higher education.


Star schema-based extensible data warehouse.

ETL solution

Capable of retrieving data consistently from all major systems of record (ERP and CRM systems).

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What is OBIEE?

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition or OBIEE is a comprehensive suite of enterprise Business Intelligence products that delivers a full range of analysis and reporting capabilities. It contains components such as BI Answers, Interactive Dashboards, Disconnected Analytics, Briefing Books, and BI Administrator.

   Best in practice enterprise analytics solution.

   Analytics solution that easily integrates to pull surface data from myriad sources.

   Premier dashboard and reporting solution with mobile-friendly capability out of the box.

   HTML5-capable analytics for business users from all areas within the organization.

   A data control system with API and configuration extensibility for seamless incorporation into any organization’s infrastructure.

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Work With Our Expert Oracle Business Intelligence Consultants

Elate Technology’s expert analytics consultants have supported a wide range of large and small operations throughout their careers, and routinely perform the following duties for our clients:

   Deploy technical components required for OBIEE solutions

   Install and configure OBIEE applications and modules

   Support the configuration of existing OBIEE setups

   Design, architect, test, and implement OBIEE structure to support current and future business needs and decisions

   Translate business requirements into a dimensional model, key subject areas, hierarchies, attributes, and measures

   Collaborate with IT and BI teams to define delivery components, reporting and analysis, alerts, and overall intelligence dashboard functionality

   Develop reporting procedures within the OBIEE financial environment

   Inspect & assess data sources and application topography

   Translate Business Intelligence requirements into analytics metadata

   Perform upgrades and migrations of OBIEE to Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC)

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