The Perks of Comprehensive Cloud Services

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Increased operational efficiency

Your systems are professionally managed by specialists. While these DBAs tune and optimize your infrastructure, you can focus on other pressing business matters. You don’t have to spend your time and resources worrying about the infrastructure supporting your business.

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More effective data security and IT governance

We help you stay updated with the latest cloud security recommendations, best practices, and regulatory requirements for your business. With cyberattacks continuing to increase in frequency and intensity, it’s important to keep your data as secure as possible.

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Customized solutions to fit the needs of your business

The flexibility offered by managed cloud solutions provides you with fully customized solutions that can serve your short, medium, and long-term requirements. As your business grows, your cloud systems grow alongside you.

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Reliable performance

You have access to your data and systems when you need them, with minimal downtime.

Elate Technology’s Approach to Cloud Consultation Services

Our managed services approach to database administration, business intelligence, and applications uses the talents of our solution architects, DBAs, and BI experts to create and manage on-premise and hybrid cloud environments. We have 15 years of experience in cloud consultation services, helping over 500 customers with over 200,000 databases. We can help you manage your cloud environment with:

   Architecture overview

   Readiness assessment

   Understanding workflow impacts

   Determining the best environment

   Tuning and optimization

   Build, automate, test

   Roadmap and migration tools

   Optimizing costs

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What Elate Technology Can Help With

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Cloud Application Management

Once your applications are in the cloud, we can manage the underlying infrastructure so you can focus on strategic decision-making.

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Cost Optimization

We’ll ensure your cloud environments are optimized for performance and running at the lowest possible cost.

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Security & Compliance

We use best practices so your organization can benefit from improved security and can assist with lower-cost compliance with less resource commitment and risk of compliance fatigue.

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24x7 Monitoring & Support

We keep an eye on your databases and cloud systems to stay on top of any performance concerns and quickly troubleshoot tickets before they cause a disruption.

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Infrastructure Health Checks

Another area we closely monitor is the infrastructure to make sure that it’s meeting all of your business requirements and scaling needs.

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Business Continuity

High availability and disaster recovery keep your systems accessible even when failures and disaste\rs occur.

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Cloud Adoption Industry Benchmark: Trends & Best Practices

No matter where you and your organization are on that journey, you may have the same questions and wonder how other organizations have grappled with the same concerns or challenges.
Elate Technology’s cloud services professionals can help guide your cloud adoption project, whether you’re moving your entire enterprise to the cloud or developing a hybrid cloud/on-prem configuration.

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